Candise and Rusty


Rusty and Candise live in Springville, Tennessee. Candise enjoys hunting, gardening, cooking, and spending time with her family. She loves being “Aunt C” to the world’s greatest nephews and nieces: Carter, Blair, Julia, Jack, Ben, Ty, and Harper Rose.



A Little More to the Story





Praise the Lord! Candise was born into the care of committed Christian parents, and – hallelujah! – she was exposed to Godly truths at an early age. Today, the most valued aspect of her life is (hands-down) her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s Holy Spirit drew Candise to Himself, and she was gloriously saved at the age of eight. It was then that she began her journey with Jesus, which she still cherishes some thirty-plus years later.

The Lord has placed within Candise a yearning for His Word, a heart for people, and a desire to serve Him. He has allowed her to study extensively with Precept Ministries International, and He’s enabled her to complete various courses with Self-Confrontation Biblical Discipleship and The Way of the Master. Candise has taught senior high girls’ Life Group and has been a Student Ministry Team Leader for over twenty years. God has also arranged for her to serve in music ministry, as a vocalist and keyboardist.

Bottom line is Candise loves to study the Word of God and then communicate to others its interpretation and application. She knows with certainty that God’s Word has the power to transform lives. Her heart for teaching ministry is, in a sense, portrayed in the words of Balaam (albeit, Balaam was tainted with his mixed motives): “Perhaps the LORD will come to meet me, and whatever He shows me, I will tell you” (Numbers 23:3). Candise undeniably recognizes the power of God’s Word. Within the pages of the Bible is the remedy for every dire situation plaguing man. The principles of I John 2:27 and Psalm 119:102 are ever before Candise as she attends various speaking events …  The Lord’s anointing is every believer’s teacher, and oh, how beautiful it is when He, Himself, teaches us!





Undoubtedly, one of the sweetest blessings upon Candise’s life was God graciously ordaining her to be born into the home of Bill and Linda Moody. In 1970, just a few months after Candise’s dad served a four-year term with the U.S. Navy, her parents returned to their hometown of Paris, Tennessee, anticipating a “new arrival.” Paris is a quaint, typically-Southern, small town that became not only Candise’s birthplace, but Paris would also become the locale which she proudly and thankfully calls “home” (her earthly one, that is). When she was five-years-old, the Moody household expanded with the addition of a baby brother, Jon Paul. And within a few short years, the adventures of the brother-sister duo (which were mainly “set” in the Great Outdoors) got off to its action-packed start.

As Candise was entering middle school, her family started attending a little country church. And it was inside its cedar-paneled walls and out among picnic tables laden with fried fish and the trimmings, where Candise met Rusty Farmer. Rusty and Candise had a sibling-type friendship for years. They were able to attend the same high school, but after graduation, they went their separate ways. As Candise was finishing her college degree, Rusty and she were re-acquainted via some deer hunting outings on his family farm. On September 19, 1992, their “hunting buddy companionship” transitioned into a husband-wife partnership as they said “I do” in their little country church.

A couple of years after Candise and Rusty married, Candise earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Social Sciences with an Emphasis in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Bethel College. In 1993, as a newly-wed wife, she began a career as an educational consultant/tutor, and she has been able to serve countless families over the past twenty-three years.

In 1998, Rusty and Candise entered into a 12-year bout with pregnancy loss and childlessness. God used that heartache as a springboard for ministry. In 2012, Candise’s first book, Green Pastures of a Barren Land, was released, and Enough Grace Ministries was founded. Currently, God is opening doors for Candise to serve churches, women’s ministry groups, student fellowships, grief recovery assemblies, and a variety of outreach organizations.

Rusty and Candise live in Springville, Tennessee. She enjoys hunting, gardening, cooking, and spending time with her family. She loves being “Aunt C” to the world’s greatest nephews and nieces: Carter, Blair, Julia, Jack, Ben, Ty, Tucker and Harper Rose.

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Candise Farmer is the founder of Enough Grace Ministries, an outreach organization that is committed to spreading the message of hope which can only be found in God’s Word.  Her speaking schedule enables her to share Scriptural insights and her personal testimony at churches and women/student events. Candise is the author of Green Pastures of a Barren Land and its 8-week supplemental Bible study.  She and her husband, Rusty, live in Springville, Tennessee. She loves being “Aunt C” to her two nieces and six nephews — Carter, Blair, Julia, Jack, Ben, Ty, Tucker and Harper Rose .