summercamp“School’s out, and I’m bored!”

For real? Is this really going to be another one of those summers? Are you already tiring from the “there’s-nothing-to-do” attitude of your teenaged child?

Well … if so, let me introduce you to FORT BLUFF CAMP!

Not all seventy-four days of summer break will be amazingly enthralling for your student; however, a week’s stay at Fort Bluff Camp will guarantee him or her a “mountaintop of fun.”

Yep! That’s the slogan of Fort Bluff Camp – “Come experience a mountaintop of fun.” And let me assure you, there is no false pretense in that promotional phrasing.

Summer camp is a must for the middle and high school student! There’s no doubt about it … my exposure to summer Christian camps during the formidable years of my life revolutionized my Christian walk. And I still believe in the potential of summer camp ministry.

Fort Bluff Camp is one of the premier Christian student camps in America. Located in Dayton, Tennessee, it accommodates campers with luxurious lodging set atop the breath-taking Dayton Mountain. The winding Monster Waterslide, the lake’s catapulting BLOB, the Human Foosball Course, the Aquaglide Super Tramp, the 18-hole miniature golf course, the Olympic-sized pool, and the Ultimate Frisbee Course easily generate a Six Flags-type of atmosphere. Campers will find each day to be action-packed with activities provided for everyone, including basketball, hiking, volleyball, music competitions, 5K runs, creative writing, fishing, and much, much more.

That was my “commercial” for the camp. Sounds like a great place for your student; doesn’t it? But you see, my friend, spending a week at Fort Bluff Camp is so much more than just a “mountaintop of fun.”

For over twenty years, I have seen God perform countless miracles in the lives of teenagers during their Monday to Friday stay at this camp. I’ve watched rebellious adolescents yield themselves to the working of the Lord and then leave the campus transformed as students surrendered to God’s ways. I’ve knelt with broken gals and listened as they cried out to God in confession and commitment. I’ve witnessed scores of students accepting Christ as their Savior, and I’ve rejoiced as many teens have surrendered to God’s call into full-time ministry. (BTW – we all have been issued this call.)

Yes, Fort Bluff Camp is committed to offering its campers a “mountaintop of fun,” but let me assure you, the #1 ministry objective of this camp’s staff and leadership is to present young people with an opportunity to grow spiritually. God’s Word will be preached; the love of Jesus will be presented; and students (and adult leadership) will be challenged and encouraged to surrender our all to Christ.

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