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What Are You Seeking First?

It can’t be denied that the chart-topping campfire praise chorus of the 1980’s was Kum By Yah, My Lord. And surely taking second place on the same song chart was the well-known hit, which was based solely on Scripture, Seek Ye First. Thirty years ago, if any church youth group in America gathered around […]

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Summer Camp: A Potential Life Saver for Your Teenaged Child

This blogspot was launched in January of 2015, and since its inception, I have never re-published a post … until now. “A Mountaintop of Fun for Your Teenaged Child” came out last May. It encouraged parents to consider the spiritual value of a Christian camp experience for their teenaged students. I am re-posting this […]

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Questions for Revival Discovered in a 14-Year-Old’s Bible

What is the key to falling asleep quickly at night? We’ve heard all kinds of tricks; haven’t we?

Refrain from using your cell phone, tablet, and laptop within an hour of wanting to fall asleep.

Lower the room’s thermostat to 65 degrees.

Don’t watch television while lying in bed.

And my all-time favorite has to be … […]

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Withering and Fading: It’s Happening to Us!

A couple of weeks ago, I was bummed out. I discovered that there had been a problem with the Enough Grace Ministries blog for, oh, about six months. I was disappointed. It appeared that about half of our blog’s subscribers hadn’t been getting notifications when new posts were published.

So, rats! Unknown circumstances interfered, and […]

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Happy Birthday to Candise!! 36 Years & Counting!!!

A few years ago, I strongly disliked my birthday, but I think I’ve figured out why. Back when Rusty and I were in our thirties, we were in the fiercest part of our unsuccessful procreative battle. With each birthday, I was reminded that we were getting another year closer to not being able to […]

By |March 16th, 2016|Somewhere Around Elkhorn|2 Comments

I Love Celebrate Recovery!

According to, there are over 2000 Celebrate Recovery (CR) groups in America. I have never had any exposure to any of them, except for the CR ministry of Tennessee Valley Community Church in my hometown of Paris, Tennessee. I don’t know if all CR groups are ministering in the same way, but I […]

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The Magic Carpet: Hop On! There’s Room for You!

When I was a little girl, my parents went to great measures to discover and cultivate any talent that I might have. We tried everything. Piano. Softball. Soccer. Ballet. Skateboarding. Singing. My chubby frame and my lack of coordination led them to pursue some non-traditional pastimes for me. One such talent quest was “Speech.” […]

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Save the Date, Ladies & Teen Gals!

Have you heard?

Enough Grace Ministries is hosting its second ladies’ retreat!

Save the date, my friend!

October 21-22, 2016 ~ Paris Landing State Park

This blog is the news release for the event. Jenni Carroll, one of the co-chairs for the event, did a great job writing it. Please read it, share it, save the date, and […]

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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday: Yep! Here I Go Again

Ranting and raving. Fussing and fuming. Call it what you want. But here I go again. I cannot sit idly and silently while every 20 seconds an innocent baby is killed within his or her mother’s womb.

This Sunday, January 17, has been designated as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Churches across our land will […]

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What’s Your 2016 GOD GOAL?

I’m not sure if I like the idea of setting a New Year’s resolution. I see the value of establishing goals, but I’m not fond of ambitious hype that ends in un-kept vows. Some years I set a resolution; some years I don’t. And I’m sure that most folks are like me, in that, […]

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