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It is with great joy that I endorse this Great Book. My wife and I experienced a similar disappointment in our lives. I am confident that God can and will use this book to be an encouragement to a woman and her husband to be strong through adversity. This life story has a message of hope and strength … a message that Jesus must remain “the Main Thing.” Through Candise’s and Rusty’s lives, others will be blessed and strengthened to move forward in Jesus’s Name. Amen!!! Proverbs 17:17″

RV Brown, author, speaker, founder of Outreach to America’s Youth

“The Christian community is needing this book! For years, we have allowed infertility and childlessness to be the “unspoken” heartache within the fellowships of our churches. This work not only creates an awareness of the prevalent trial, but it also offers to all readers ‘God’s way’ of dealing with any disappointment. Not just the couple struggling with infertility, but everyone is within the targeted readership of this work. A must-read for us all!”

Janet Hunt, wife of Dr. Johnny Hunt, pastor of First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia and former President of the Southern Baptist Convention

“Candise Farmer has done a slam dunk in describing the pain of infertility and the pursuit of years to correct this condition only for the verdict to end in “barrenness for life.” This book should be a resource in every Christian OB-GYN’s office for women who despair of ever conceiving and holding a child in their arms. It is a book that will touch the heart strings of anyone who has felt that the God of love has withheld from her such gifts of marriage, children, health, and on and on it goes. Candise’s hope in the Balm of Gilead who pulled her from the pit of despair is convincing. Get a box load to give to your friends. Speaking as the wife of an OB-GYN who has seen this kind of pain, you could not find a better resource to give hope for those who experienced the “unwanted gift” of the barren womb.”

Leeba Curlin, wife of Dr. John Curlin, retired OB-GYN, both former hosts of American Family Radio

“The principles offered in Green Pastures of a Barren Land will profoundly influence those dealing with heartache. Hurtful circumstances will enter everyone’s life, and I am confident the Lord will use this message of hope and strength to bring healing to many couples. I am truly grateful for this powerful resource.”

Dr. Ed Litton, pastor of First Baptist Church, North Mobile, Alabama and former President of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference

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Green Pastures of a Barren Land Supplemental Bible Study

This study booklet can serve as a daily devotional plan for an individual, or it can be utilized by a small group that engages in at-home assignments and weekly group sessions (which feature discussion, group activities and Green Pastures of a Barren Land DVD segments). An easy-to-use leader’s script for each small group session is included in the booklet’s appendix. The small group leader/facilitator will discover methods to promote honest dialogue and application. The companion DVD is a highly recommended resource for the small group study.



What Others Are Saying

I’ve just finished reading Green Pastures of a Barren Land and completing the 8 week Bible study, and oh my goodness, it is awesome!! My pastor husband Jerry and I have been in the ministry for 43 years, and this is truly one of the BEST STUDIES I’ve ever been through. It is an open honest account of not just the physical and emotional experiences that Candise went through, but an honest account of her struggles spiritually. Candise presents seven Biblical principles of how God brought healing to her life.
We will be using this book and Bible study in our continuing ministry, because we’ve all had “barren lands,” and with God’s help we have been brought  into “green pastures.” Thank you, Candise, for allowing God to use you to minister to others.

— Susan Lee, Wife of Jerry, Interim Pastorate Ministry

Hello Dear Friend,

I want to thank you for the wonderful Bible study. To be honest I didn’t’ think that I was going to enjoy it or get anything out of it. Guess what? I was totally wrong! I just thought I couldn’t relate to it . . . It really taught me the true meaning of the phrase “Ya can’t judge a book by its cover!”

So this is what I learned throughout the chapters as they unfolded of your courageous testimony – Green Pastures of a Barren Land:

I have a purpose in life and God has always had a plan for me. Even through my trials and tribulation. Your book brought the thought  pattern back to me that I AM NOT alone and through ALL of my circumstances, to keep looking up. I truly do not ask God to guide my steps if I am not willing to move my feet.

God revealed to me through your words and your book that I DO NOT OR WILL NOT HAVE TO STAY A VICTIM.

Today I can & will use my past of addiction, sexual abuse, aneurysm, and other traumatic losses and situations to the good, with the Lord’s mighty provision, by helping others and drawing them closer to God.

Psalms 25:4 – Teach me Your ways, Oh Lord, Show me Your paths.

I surrendered my will over the God on August 21, 2012. But I wasn’t aware of this verse nor did I give it much thought until you came to Transitions and crossed paths in my new-life journey.

Also, I am learning how to take my thoughts captive and be content with all I have! Praise God for ALL my blessings and my trials.

Psalms 125:1 – When I am afraid I WILL TRUST IN HIM.

The book as a whole meant: It is unexplainable how blessed I really am. I praise God everyday for turning my bad (emptiness, barren) into Good and it is ALL for HIS GLORY! Thank you, Lord, for the “New Life” that you’ve allowed me to truly LIVE! I thank God for you also!

— In Christ’s Love,  Samantha” (Resident of a faith-based recovery center)

I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to facilitate Candise’s very first bible study of “Green Pastures of a Barren Land.” I was the life group leader of a group of women called “Tuff Women”.  This class was for women from all walks of life who had experienced barrenness of all types, from divorce, death of a spouse, single longing for a mate, death of a family member and so on.  God placed these women in this class as it pleased Him and knew this study would help them survive this hurt & pain in their lives. These wonderful women were such a blessing and God opened all our eyes to revelations of His sweet word. The Holy Spirit revealed truth’s both corporately & individually in our quiet times which were shared at each gathering. I could hardly wait for our next meeting time each week to see what God had revealed.

There was a precious lady who had lost her mother and was grieving terribly.  She expressed that she did not want to participate in bible reading & prayer out loud. So we began praying for her and after a couple of sessions, she asked to read the scripture and also to pray. She also purchased a Strong’s concordance to dig a little deeper as Candise suggested.  Another dear sweet life long friend in our study shared that she learned to wait on God’s timing for her life.  Everytime the clock showed the same numbers (Ex: 2:22, 3:33 etc.) the Holy Spirit prompted her to pray for God’s perfect timing for all things in her life. So everytime I see it, I pray too.  What precious memories we made…

I personally learned that if I keep my focus on God and delight in Him, that my steps will be established and if that includes hardships and afflictions, I know my God will surround me with His unfailing love as He tells me in Lamentations 3: 31-33.  I also realized that until God opens the door, I will just continue to praise Him in the hallway.

— From a Green Pastures Bible study facilitator, Jennifer, First Baptist Church, Paris, TN

Green Pastures of a Barren Land was the Bible study that proved to be “just in time!” This study is not just for women with a barrenness of the womb, but for those that are experiencing any barren time in their lives. Recently, in such a time of my life…I delved into Bible study, the Green Pastures of a Barren Land 8-week study guide, and God’s Word, and I found just what I needed to get through each week.

I came to understand that God had brought this barren time into my life and had designed every aspect of this time and through it God would be glorified. I realized that going through this was for my good and that Jesus is constantly protecting me and Satan cannot touch me. He is indeed my Savior! I found that true contentment comes when I release and replace my aspirations…not my will…but His! His grace is sufficient and His power works best in my weakness, so I must trust Him more knowing I have the promises of Heaven. With all of this in mind…I continue on…in the Word…praying…denying self…knowing God is in control. How I praise the Father for the Green Pastures of a Barren Land Bible study!

— from a Green Pastures Bible study participant


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