103115_kayarthurAbout fifteen years ago, my parents started attending a community Bible study on Tuesday nights. For quite some while, I knew just a few details about this study. … I gathered that the participants had “homework” each week; I was aware that folks from many different churches attended; I learned that the weekly sessions involved a facilitator guiding discussion, and I understood that the class ended with a video lesson. That was pretty much it. But as weeks went by, my parents’ enthusiasm made it very clear to me that their newly-found Bible study was extraordinary in every way.

I remember calling my mom on Wednesday mornings just to touch base before a busy day began, and she would, without fail, tell me how amazing the Bible study had been the night before. She would say things like, “Oh, Candise, you just can’t imagine what this class is like! Everybody needs to be in this study.” She and Dad were hooked. I’d stop by their house and find Dad sitting at the kitchen bar engrossed in his study. Colored pencils were scattered around his brightly decorated workbook and Bible. And then he would begin elatedly raving about this new class and all he was learning from the Bible. I could tell this was no ordinary Bible study.

Months passed, and Mom and Dad continued with their classes. They would study a book of the Bible, complete that course, and then start a new one … all the while, growing more and more excited about all God was teaching them through His Holy Word.

Well, the suspense got the best of me. I had heard. I had seen. I had stood from afar, watching God work long enough, and I could take it no more. You see, there’s this crazy tendency within me. It is hard to explain, but I have been this way for several years. Here’s the deal: When God is moving somewhere, when people’s lives are being changed, when there is an excitement for the things of God, I want in on it! I wanna be there! I gotta be there! (I guess that explains why at 44 years old, I’m still going to youth camp each summer.) So I ordered my workbook and signed up for my first Precept Upon Precept Bible study. I was in the class!

I’m overwhelmed as I type at this moment. Just upon typing Precept Upon Precept, I am humbly brought to the feet of my Savior in genuine praise and gratitude. With tear-filled eyes, and a heart of awe, I thank God Almighty for letting Precept Ministries be a part of my life. When I look back upon my spiritual journey, I see along the path glorious landmarks and influences that have supernaturally given me life. And standing tall and brilliantly among my markers of faith is the colossal and wondrous impact of Precept Ministries. To God be the glory!

Approximately a dozen years ago, I completely my first Precept course. It was more than I had imagined or hoped for. I had learned a Bible study technique that I would use the rest of my life. My knowledge of God’s Word had been deepened, and I had gleaned countless spiritual applications that could be instilled within my life upon my surrender. I had been changed by the power of God’s Holy Word. The Holy Spirit of God had led me to new truths, and my Heavenly Father had performed a miracle in my life. God did it all (make no bones about it); but it must be acknowledged that Precept Ministries’ founder, Kay Arthur, was the conduit through which God transformed my life. God guided her to write the study, and God used her to deliver the weekly video messages.

It has been over a decade ago that I was introduced to the ministry of Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries. Quite a bit of water has passed beneath the bridge of my spiritual life, and flowing along are dozens of Precept studies, a few Precept weekend events, and collections of Kay Arthur’s teaching videos. My life has been sweetly enriched by God’s overflowing from the life of a saintly, surrendered woman and the ministry that God founded through her.

I got to meet Kay Arthur this past weekend. All I wanted to do was hug her neck, look her in the eyes, and say, “Thank you. Thank you for letting God use you.” I’m so grateful I got to do that. There is no doubt. She knows. Kay Arthur knows that I love her and I profoundly appreciate her life of ministry.

My friend, I must ask you the question that God asked me this weekend as I sat in three teaching sessions with Kay Arthur.

Are you in God’s Word? Are you really faithfully studying the Bible?

Oh, my friend, the days are evil. There is urgency like never before. We are in great need of empowerment from God Almighty, and there is one supernatural source available to us – and that is the life-giving Word of God! We must start. We must start today committing to being students of God’s Word.

Just as in the days of Joshua, a great task awaits the people of God, and the only promise of success comes with our commitment to the Word of God. My friend, it is imperative. You must, I must, we must be renewed in our studying of the Bible.

“This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.”

Joshua 1:8


For assistance with studying the Bible, please visit http://www.precept.org. Great resources are available! Guaranteed!