Excuse the exaggeration . . .  but, we live in a generation of quitters. More accurately, we can say that there seems to be a prevalent tendency to quit what we start.

We see folks all the time, start a new project with great passion, and then . . .  where’d they go?! We hear of people birthing innovative organizations, and then . . . that discussion is over.  And from time to time, we visit some novel ministry circle, and then  . . . as Duck Commander Phil would say, “they gone!”

But, this morning, I must give a “SHOUT-OUT” to the FCA chapter of Big Sandy High School (Big Sandy, TN). For over 10 years, these Fellowship of Christian Athlete students have been thriving and making sincere attempts to reach their school for Christ. They’re not going anywhere!

I applaud these Christian students. I know they face discouragement from time to time. But they are to be commended for continuing to meet, persisting in inviting other students to their devotion times, and pressing-on in their walks with Jesus. It’s a battle to live for Jesus anywhere – but especially in a public high school.

Won’t you join me in praying faithfully for our students? They have not quit. They are present. They are taking steps (sometimes baby steps) to the Lord and His ministries. Let’s commit to pray for today’s students. They need the seasoned generation of Christ’s followers in their corner!