Mother’s Day Again?

Here’s a post from 2015. Still a great thought for Mother’s Day. God is good!


Well, it is almost here. … Mother’s Day.

If you are a woman struggling with any procreative issues, you have likely already given this upcoming date quite a bit of thought.

For most people, Mother’s Day is not that big of […]

To God Be the Glory! – Looking Back at 2016

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I GOT HIM! A Long Time Ago!

Twenty-three years is a LONG time! Just ask my husband, Rusty Farmer!

I cannot believe it. This month Rusty and I will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. I remember years ago, my pastor’s wife telling me that she and our pastor had been married 16 years, and I thought, “My goodness! That’s a long time. […]

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Allison Edwards & Her Race of a Lifetime

I am so excited to introduce The Grace Exchange’s first guest, and my dear friend, Allison Edwards! Allison is a Paris-native gal who just completed The World Race – 11 months of international mission work with AIM (Adventures In Missions). She is a remarkable woman of God, and I’m very eager to share her […]

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Life’s Rat Race: Do You Want Out?

So … what has God been teaching you lately?

How is He working in your life?

Is there an area within your Christian walk on which He seems to be honing? Squeezing a bit? Re-shaping some? Maybe even chiseling upon?

This is how it is for me: My life as a follower of Christ tends to be […]

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