The Lord has sweetly placed within Candise a genuine love for adolescents. For over twenty years, Candise has found herself standing before groups of students, presenting God’s Word on a weekly basis.

She eagerly welcomes the opportunity to engage with the younger generation, which absolutely fascinates her. Her ability to relate, interact, and stimulate students to spiritual growth is a divine work of the Lord. She frequently challenges middle school, high school, and collegiate students at her local church, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) chapters, Christian camps, and small group Bible studies.

ChikChat: No boys Allowed!

Candise is now presenting “ChikChat: No Boys Allowed!” at various female youth gatherings. This Scripture-filled presentation addresses sexual orientation and defines God’s plan regarding sex. Candise uses a variety of media and props to offer an intriguing message in a tasteful fashion. To inquire about her sharing with your student group, please email


Here’s what others are saying about ChikChat:

I was able to hear Candise speak this past summer and I was completely blown away by her message. I have been a teacher and coach at the college or high school levels for 16 years and I have watched firsthand as the intensity of the attack on young ladies and their womanhood by the lgbt ideology has dramatically increased. Candise addresses the characteristics in young ladies that are more and more used by that ideology to convince them to question their sexuality. She gently and lovingly reaffirms that God created those characteristics in them and his good plan is for them to be with a man in marriage.

I believe Candise has a message every young lady needs to hear. If they have felt pressure in this area Candise’s words of Biblical truth will bring clarity to the confusion. If they have not they probably know someone who has and will be better equipped to be an encouragement in the struggle.

— Coach Aric Mawdesley, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Berrien County High School, Nashville, Georgia.

A group of teenage girls, along with some young women and older ladies recently had the opportunity to listen to a message from Candise Farmer.  This message was concerning an issue that has taken over the headlines in recent months.  Not knowing what to expect, everyone, including myself, was taken on a journey that cleared up so many issues concerning sexuality. In this age of confusion, I was pleasantly surprised by her straightforward clarity, as Candise tastefully shared about who we are and who we were created to be.  At this event, she was speaking just to ladies, but I believe every person, young and old, male and female, needs to hear this message!  I cannot speak enough about her talk, it was fabulous.  I highly recommend Candise Farmer!

— Diane Crevier, Wife, Mother of 12 children, Co-founder of Champions Forever Ministries, Author

I had the opportunity to be a part of a session at Fort Bluff Camp this past week with Mrs. Candise Farmer. Going into the session, I had no idea of the topic, but I can’t emphasize enough how timely and on-point her message to our teen girls was. It’s a tough subject for me personally to present to the girls, and because of the thoughtful presentation she made, it became a springboard for meaningful dialogue about many tricky topics!  Candise was refreshing, knowledgeable about the subject matter and it was so evident that she knew her Bible and more importantly knows her Creator.  It was a smooth, informative presentation that had clever illustrations, very tactful information, and her personal stories made you truly know she cared for the girls!  This session was packed full of so much information, it would be awesome to separate some of these subjects and have a whole conference!

— Meredith Black, wife of Jonathan, Associate/Student Pastor, Southside Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN

As changes take place in our culture, this dynamic causes the girls that we lead to face new challenges. Through “ChikChat”, Candise explains the sexual boundaries that God has set for us. Our girls left knowing God’s design for them, that plan being that they were created as a female for one person, a male, their future husband.

— Tammy Colvard, Girls Ministry, Ewtonville Baptist Church Dunlap, Tennessee