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Hi, friend! For some time, I’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to share one of my all-time dearest friends with you. I’m excited to introduce to you The Grace Exchange’s guest blogger, Rachael French! She’s a dandy, and the WDBA is so very blessed to have her onboard as Associational Youth Director. Great opportunities […]

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Summer Camp: A Potential Life Saver for Your Teenaged Child

This blogspot was launched in January of 2015, and since its inception, I have never re-published a post … until now. “A Mountaintop of Fun for Your Teenaged Child” came out last May. It encouraged parents to consider the spiritual value of a Christian camp experience for their teenaged students. I am re-posting this […]

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All High School Girls Are Invited!

Embedded in this post is a video from a community girls’ Bible study. Lydia Shoemaker is leading a study called Becoming A Woman of Excellence by Cynthia Herald.

For almost two years, a group of high school girls has been meeting weekly for prayer, encouragement, and Bible study, and I have been abundantly blessed to […]

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A Mountaintop of Fun for Your Teenaged Child

“School’s out, and I’m bored!”

For real? Is this really going to be another one of those summers? Are you already tiring from the “there’s-nothing-to-do” attitude of your teenaged child?

Well … if so, let me introduce you to FORT BLUFF CAMP!

Not all seventy-four days of summer break will be amazingly enthralling for your student; however, […]

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Last night was super-exciting!

I live everyday of my life in awe of God’s goodness. I’ll never understand His pursuit of me, nor will I ever be able to explain why He chose me for His “team.”

Can you relate to this? Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by the awareness that God chose you to […]

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Excuse the exaggeration . . .  but, we live in a generation of quitters. More accurately, we can say that there seems to be a prevalent tendency to quit what we start.

We see folks all the time, start a new project with great passion, and then . . .  where’d they go?! We hear […]

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