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    • I’ll never forget the “ah ha” moment I had with the Lord during one particular Sunday morning worship service. Several years ago, our church was in a transitional period, without a pastor, and various preachers and evangelists would fill the pulpit each week. On this Sunday morning, it was a dear family friend of ours who was providing the message. Joshua Solowey. He was 19 years old at that time, and we had known his family for years. It had been fascinating watching Josh grow up and witnessing all he was allowing the Lord to do in and through his young life.

    • It can’t be denied that the chart-topping campfire praise chorus of the 1980’s was Kum By Yah, My Lord. And surely taking second place on the same song chart was the well-known hit, which was based solely on Scripture, Seek Ye First. Thirty years ago, if any church youth group in America gathered around a

    • What is the key to falling asleep quickly at night? We’ve heard all kinds of tricks; haven’t we? Refrain from using your cell phone, tablet, and laptop within an hour of wanting to fall asleep. Lower the room’s thermostat to 65 degrees. Don’t watch television while lying in bed. And my all-time favorite has to

    • A couple of weeks ago, I was bummed out. I discovered that there had been a problem with the Enough Grace Ministries blog for, oh, about six months. I was disappointed. It appeared that about half of our blog’s subscribers hadn’t been getting notifications when new posts were published. So, rats! Unknown circumstances interfered, and

    • When I was a little girl, my parents went to great measures to discover and cultivate any talent that I might have. We tried everything. Piano. Softball. Soccer. Ballet. Skateboarding. Singing. My chubby frame and my lack of coordination led them to pursue some non-traditional pastimes for me. One such talent quest was “Speech.” “Speech”

    • I’m not sure if I like the idea of setting a New Year’s resolution. I see the value of establishing goals, but I’m not fond of ambitious hype that ends in un-kept vows. Some years I set a resolution; some years I don’t. And I’m sure that most folks are like me, in that, the

    • I’m a person of tradition. I like routine. And over the years, my Thanksgiving daybreak has become almost a morning of habit. My dad and I take off to the woods, and then from a deer stand overlooking a picked bean field or the draw of a clear-cut thicket, I have my much-anticipated, yearly Thanksgiving

    • What is happening in women’s ministry? Everywhere I turn, everywhere I go, here it is again … this concept of ROYALTY. I’ve never seen so much purple tulle and rhinestone tiaras in my entire life! Women of Royalty. Who I Am. If the Crown Fits. These conference themes are surfacing everywhere among Christian women (at

    • Amazing. Miraculous. Supernatural. Perfect. Overwhelming. Call it what you may, … but, honestly, the only accurate description is “far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.” (Eph. 3:20) The Enough Grace Ministries mission team has returned from a week of ministry to Coban, Guatemala. We may look the same on the outside, but

    • So … what has God been teaching you lately? How is He working in your life? Is there an area within your Christian walk on which He seems to be honing? Squeezing a bit? Re-shaping some? Maybe even chiseling upon? This is how it is for me: My life as a follower of Christ tends