82815_hospitallAmazing. Miraculous. Supernatural. Perfect. Overwhelming. Call it what you may, … but, honestly, the only accurate description is

far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.” (Eph. 3:20)

The Enough Grace Ministries mission team has returned from a week of ministry to Coban, Guatemala. We may look the same on the outside, but our hearts are changed forever!

Our team consisted of seven high school girls (representing 6 different churches), Rachael French, Rusty and me. Five pastors from Western District Baptist Association and our director of missions, Bro. Jim Twilbeck, joined us.

Our team has begun its speaking schedule as we’ve already shared at two Paris-area churches, and our upcoming calendar has six more churches booked. The girls are testifying, thanking, singing, and giving God glory for all He did during these seven days of miracles.

A part of each gal’s testimony is her “take away” from the trip. A “take away” is best defined for our team as: “how has the mission experience impacted me”. For these girls, the beautiful acknowledgements range from being more grateful to being more committed to witnessing.

But what is the “take away” for me? I knew God was going to work in my life during this trip, but I had no idea it would be so intensive and extensive. You see, for me, I was mostly moved by what God showed me regarding prayer.

Oh my friend, we can never pray enough! I do not believe I have ever witnessed the power of folks praying like I did during this mission trip. The entire mission expedition – from start to finish – was simply perfect; I cannot think of any way the trip could have been improved. There was no injury, no fatigue, no disgruntled attitude, no resistance, and no mishap – at all whatsoever! And that, my friend, can be attributed to nothing other than the grace of God and the prayers of His saints.

Over the summer, I heard a camp director challenge his staff regarding prayer. He told them that spiritual warfare accompanies ministry opportunities. The director made a statement I will likely remember forever. In the Sunday night meeting, as his staff anticipated campers arriving and the week’s prospect for supernatural revival, Bro. Dave warned, “Right now, there is a spiritual battle taking place that would scare us half to death if we could see it. Satan is doing all he can to divert a great work of God. So we must continue strong in prayer!”

I know the unseen spiritual battle was raging during our trip to Guatemala, but I also know that our Enemy was defeated. God is gracious. Prayers were answered, and our Lord of Lords was victorious.

My “take away” from our trip to Guatemala? I thought you’d never ask. …


I leave you, my friend, with this reality – If we love someone, we must pray for him or her.

And thank you, dear praying Christian family, for praying for me – and our teams.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.